Renegade University Review - MLM Attraction Marketing Training That Flat Out Gets Results!

Renegade Professional Bonus - Mike Klingler's Secret Methods For Producing Web Content On Tap


Getting traffic to your websites is vital but you won't get traffic unless you produce good content. This Renegade Professional bonus video will show you how to create good content almost at will and solve your writer's block issues forever.

As a super guide at Renegade Professional the biggest question that comes across my desk from members is…

I have put up a blog but what do I put on it?

Without content your lead generation efforts will count for nothing. Produce good content and drive traffic to it and your prospect well will never run dry.

Mike Klingler shows you fifteen content creation ideas you can implement right away. In this Renegade Professional bonus training video he also reveals his secret methods for producing content on just about any topic you choose. And it's all free.

Renegade Professional Blog Training - How To Build A List Of Hungry Network Marketing Prospects


Without a blog, your internet network marketing business is "playing off the back foot." In other words, you will be giving a decided advantage to your competitors. Renegade Professional blog training has answered the call for inexperienced network marketers looking for some step-by-step training online.

A blog is important for several reasons. As a training and educational tool it's hard to go past. For example, every time you add new content to your blog you immediately alert your subscribers that you have made a new post. How do you build a list of subscribers? With your blog.

How do you get them on your list? You give them valuable content. If this is not making sense right now it soon will. Mike Klingler has released one video from the Renegade Professional blog training series. The full series is only available within the Renegade Professional membership area along with a ton of other step-by-step training.

Today, running an internet network marketing business without a blog is like sailing a ship without a rudder. It's your voice to your potential prospects and a chance for them to seize you up and evaluate your worth as a teacher. If you impress, get ready for a steady stream of join ups into your business.

Renegade University Review

When the Renegade Network Marketer was introduced to the network marketing world last year the concepts of attraction marketing promoted by Ann Sieg sounded great but to many MLMers, were still very foreign.


That's understandable, after all, many have come through the old school of making a list and hassling and hounding friends, family and acquaintances to generate interest in their business opportunities. What Sieg was teaching in her book made plenty of sense but the question many renegade devotees were asking was…"How do I do this?"

Renegade University

Enter Mike Klingler. Mike realized this very early on and he along with the more successful Renegade affiliates recognized from the feedback they were getting that people didn't just need to be pointed in the right direction but they needed to be shown how.

In essence, network marketers are not internet marketers; the promotional strategies and languages used by the two are very different and MLMers were feeling like a "fish out of water" when commencing their online marketing careers. After all, they didn't know how to build a website or knew what a blog was. They really didn't understand pay-per-click or free traffic generation methods. And what the heck was this Web 2.0 thing?

Klingler has provided the answer in the Renegade University. It's basically as the heading above suggests - attraction marketing training that simply gets results. Renegade network marketers who are frustrated simply because of a lack of inter-network marketing techniques and strategies now have it all laid out for them in easy to follow activity steps.

Klingler has been very meticulous and thoughtful in setting up the university training grounds. He's given consideration to those with no online experience, those with some online experience and those who just want to brush up on their skills and pick up some new tricks.

The Renegade University is just like a typical school environment where levels of know how exist within the curriculum and once you master one skill you simply move onto the next. It's as step-by-step training as you can get.

What Does Renegade University Teach?

Promoting and marketing your network marketing business online comes down to being able to brand yourself as an expert within your field. Attraction marketing does away with the old sales type methods of trying to sell your prospect from the start.

Attraction marketing is about giving your prospect value from the beginning; creating an interest and desire within them and providing them training during the pre-sell phase which they can utilize. In essence, your prospect will have made their mind up about joining you in your primary business well before you hit them with the final sales pitch simply by what has taken place before that.

Your own website or blog is a way of branding yourself. Forget about the tired old company generated websites which everybody else has. From an SEO and marketing perspective, they are virtually useless because no one will find them online.

Renegade University teaches you how to promote both your website and yourself online. Techniques such as article marketing, pay-per-click, optimizing your free generation strategies around certain keywords, long tail keyword phrases, social bookmarking and of course, Web 2.0. Better still, you get most of this in video tutorial form so it's just like being in a classroom situation.

The Renegade Network Marketer has become the definitive guide for MLMers in taking their businesses from the red into the black. The Renegade University has just become the official training grounds for putting into practice and teaching network marketers just how to do it.

Klingler has set up the Renegade University so you can take a free tour and get an idea of what's "under the bonnet." In motor car terms it's a V6. The professional level is a whole different matter and steps up to V8 power and beyond. If you're serious about wanting to succeed in your business then this is where you want to be.

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