Attraction Marketer's Manifesto - Free Download

Whenever Ann Sieg speaks these days network marketers sit up and take notice. Why? Well, her two reports The 7 Great Lies Of Network Marketing and attraction marketing blueprint The Renegade Network Marketer turned the industry inside out in 2007 and spawned a new era for MLM lead generation.

The Attraction Marketer's Manifesto is set to further enhance her reputation and credibility as the queen of attraction marketing and is due for release at the end of February.

So what will this report offer that The Renegade Network Marketer doesn't. Well, in Ann's own words. it picks up where the original blueprint left off. You see, something had been bugging Sieg for quite some time and when she finally put her finger on it she quickly set about addressing the situation.

What was it?

Basically, while many have gone on to put their lead generation on steroids with the Renegade course, just as many hit a stumbling block and it came down to lack of online marketing experience. As you can appreciate, the online learning curve can be a tough one especially when apart from attracting fresh leads into one's business, a network marketer also has to resist the multitude of make money online offers which seem to come at you like the glittering neon lights of Las Vegas.

It can be a "man eat dog world" and to really succeed, someone needs to set themselves apart from the herd and establish their own credibility rather than trying to ride off the back of someone else' success. That's when the magic will really happen. Sieg recognized the inexperience of working online faced by the majority of network marketers. This has been addressed and The Attraction Marketer's Manifesto is the preview of an event set to shape the networking industry like no other.

Watch the short video below as I highlight some of the gems within the attraction marketing manifesto and be sure to click here to get on the early notification list.

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